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  • Okay, just one more.
    Okay, one more, I can’t help it. I think this one is my favorite today. Like I said, it was a black and white kind of day. Advertisements
  • A Black and White Kind of Mood
    I was in a black and white kind of mood today. It must have been the fog. Or the fact that I have the flu and still felt it necessary to get out and hike with this sweet two year old, all the while dizzy and light-headed. Whatever it was, the black and whites are … Continue reading A Black and White Kind of Mood
  • Trying out new presets
    Just trying out some new presets. I think I have some new favorites! Which preset do you like better? Babe on knees or feet?
  • Why????!!!!
    I took this photo about a month ago and every time I see it, I just crack up. I caught H’s hands as they were going to cover his eyes and the resulting picture ends up looking like he’s screaming Why????!!! This family is so adorable, I love almost every picture taken that day.
  • Issues Focusing
    I am working on honing my skills so was practicing some focus techniques on my kiddos last night. I’m working on focusing on the eyes. I missed the boat on this shot but I’m glad I did; I love how it came out!  
  • Light Leaks
    Doing some experiments with light leaks in Lightroom tonight. I like how they’re turning out.
  • Following My Star
    “…sometimes taking the harder road doesn’t always have to be so difficult if you can get other people to see your dream the way that you do.” Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist
  • Baby It’s Cold Outside!
    Thanks to The Olson Family for letting me take their pictures today. They look warm, but it was NOT warm. Got to work with two families today that toughed out the cold weather.  Check out their gallery at
  • A Daughter’s Love
    via I love when even a quick snapshot taken on my living room couch turns out this beautiful.
  • A Baby Chef
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